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Assurance of Learning


Assurance of Learning at the Programmatic Level

 Assurance of Learning is the process that allows faculty to evaluate student learning in their programs to ensure that students meet faculty’s expectations.  Assurance of learning addresses the question: Are students graduating from this program with the knowledge and skills that faculty members expect?

Once faculty evaluate learning and understand students’ strengths and weaknesses, there are a number of issues that could be considered in order to improve student learning.  The attached documents are useful for this process.

This page contains links to the following documents:

ASSURANCE OF LEARNING PROCESS.  Guides faculty through the four major steps in the assurance of learning process

DEVELOPING SENIOR-LEVEL ASSESSMENT.  Assistance with identifying student work that could be used to evaluate program-level student learning outcomes.

RUBRIC DEVELOPMENT.  Suggestions for creating a scoring rubric to evaluate the student work

CRITICAL/CREATIVE THINKING RUBRIC.  University’s generic rubric for evaluating programmatic outcomes related to critical/creative thinking.  Most programs start with this rubric and revise it to fit their program’s unique outcomes. 

WRITTEN COMMUNICATION RUBRIC.  University’s generic rubric for evaluating programmatic outcomes related to written communication

ORAL COMMUNICATION RUBRIC.  University’s generic rubric for evaluating programmatic outcomes related to oral  communication

CURRICULUM  MAP.  Explains the purpose of curriculum mapping and provides instructions to create a map

USING OUTCOME DATA.  Guidance of how to interpret and use assurance-of-learning outcomes to improve student learning

USING DISCIPLINE-SPECIFIC COMMUNICATION-INTENSIVE (W) COURSES FOR ASSURANCE OF LEARNING.  Evaluate program/discipline specific communication and use your W course to address weaknesses.

USING SERVICE-LEARNING COURSES FOR ASSURANCE OF LEARNING.  Evaluate student performance in real-world, professional situations.

USING MOCK INTERVIEWS FOR ASSURANCE OF LEARNING.  Evaluate your students' mock interview videos to learn how they are representing your program to potential employers, other students, and potential-future students.

Assurance of Learning PROCESS400.87 KB
Developing Senior-Level Assessment66.81 KB
Rubric Development98.51 KB
Curriculum Mapping Instructions55.04 KB
Using Outcome Data to Improve Student Learning62.3 KB
Critical/Creative Thinking Rubric: University Generic31.68 KB
Written Communication Rubric: University Generic20.89 KB
Oral Communication Rubric: University Generic 48.5 KB
Using Discipline-Specific W Courses for Assurance of Learning13.46 KB
Using Service-Learning Courses for Assurance of Learning12.99 KB
Using Mock Interviews for Assurance of Learning12.33 KB
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